About Us

MatchPredictor.net is a PWA( Progressive Web App ), it can be installed on any device, when you choose your browser option "Add to home screen".

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Our Goal

The idea behind MatchPredictor.net is to provide a simple and easy to use application.

We use one of the most common API, with specially developed algorithms and mathematical calculations.

Some of the parameters used for the predictions are:

  • Historical stats (avg goals scored, clean sheets, etc) of team A vs teams similar to team B.
  • Poisson probabilities.
  • League statistics.
  • How the two teams compare against the league.
  • Other factors (stadium capacity, distance between teams)

Maximum time ahead before a prediction is available is 48 hours.

If a certain event does not appear as a prediction, there could be multiple causes for that including:

  • The league / country is not supported.
  • The event is over 48h ahead.
  • It involves a newly promoted or relegated team.
  • There aren't enough games played against similar adversaries.
  • The prediction models are not confident enough to predict the outcome.

In the future, the application will develop and new options will be added.

Good Luck & Have Fun.